Ashley Hogarth

Digital Product Consultant

Peruse Mobile App

Peruse / Founder

An app for shoppers to search the businesses around them at a products & services level. So a user can search for "A4 notepad" or "computer mouse" and see the stores around them selling exactly what they need. Built with React Native and Algolia.

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Translink Journey Planner

MMT Digital / UX Designer

A total website transformation project that created a comprehensive, end-to-end journey planning and purchasing online tool.
Shortlisted for a UX/UK Award

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Peruse Web App

Peruse / Founder

The Peruse web app is the interface which shop owners would use to manage their products and services that get displayed on the Peruse mobile app. Built with React, NodeJS and Google Firebase.

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Oxford Brookes Website

MMT Digital / UX & UI Designer

A web transformation project that began with Open Days as a proof of concept that then moved onto wider parts of the Oxford Brookes University website.

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Smithers Website

MMT Digital / UX & UI Designer

Smithers found themselves as a parent company to many industrial testing companies (rubber, plastic, etc) with a fractured brand and disjointed customer experience. They sought to fix the shortcomings of each individual website and unite the brand under one domain so that they could truely represent the industry experts they are.

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Newcastle Building Society

MMT Digital / UX Researcher

Newcastle Building Society understood the core tenets of their business from years of experience and previous customer research projects so they set aside a budget to investigate and identify a project which would enhance the customer experience and benefit the business

Kingspan Menu Redesign

MMT Digital / UI/UX Design & Information Architect

Kingspan had hired consultants to perform research into their information architecture. As their newest technology and support provider MMT Digital needed to design and build this new architecture based on the research. For my role, the project then became a task of UI design with layouts backed by science


MMT Digital / UX Research & Information Architect

Acting as an ancillary member of the UX team I performed analysis on exisiting information architecture research to develop a new proposal. These new proposals were then tested using tree jack tests and reported back to the project team

Kingston Unity Friends & Family ISA

Ai-London / UX/UI Lead & Front End Developer

The project aimed to stop the purchasing of throw away toys for children, and instead have their family and friends invest in their future by contributing to a Junior ISA account. An exploratory design phase started with focus groups, personas & prototypes before moving onto an agile build with AngularJS(1) and Java Web Services wrapping a PL/SQL database. We worked with third party designers to style the project and align aesthetics to the upcoming website refresh

BAF Annuity Portal

Ai-London / UX/UI Lead & Front End Developer

BAF wanted to pilot a user portal that would allow a subset of customers to monitor their investments online and track their value.

AXA Quotation and Illustration

Ai-London / UX/UI Lead & Front End Developer

AXA UAE wanted to rapidly create a quick quote engine that would allow users to go online and get a quote for life insurance AXA products. No prototypes were built in this process but instead we quickly created two designs in different styles, AXA chose one and we went straight to development. The project began and launched in record time for both Ai-London and AXA

Ai-London Policy Administration System

Ai-London / UX/UI Lead & Front End Developer

Ai-London's Policy Administration Platform was the system which staff of insurers would use to manage policies of customers. The service was ran as a subscription for Ai-London clients. My role was to iteratively design and improve the platform with all the tools available to the modern UX designer. The platform was also built in AngularJS(1) & SCSS

HSBC Quick Quote

Ai-London / UX/UI Lead & Front End Developer

HSBC Malta wanted to prototype a quotation engine that would allow users to self serve a quote for life insurance products. With constant stakeholder meetings, compliance considerations, design reviews and user testing we successfully completed the prototype. Unfortunately HSBC head office were changing internal security architecture so the project got put on hold indefinitely

HSBC Life Planner

Ai-London / UX/UI Designer

In collaboration with the Quick Quote tool, HSBC Malta also wanted a Life Planner tool that would allow potential customers to explore the best financial savings & insurance product for their financial situation. So a user could be recommended a product and then get a quote for it, all by themselves. Similarly to the Quick Quote engine, HSBC head office were changing internal security architecture so the project got put on hold indefinitely

World Health Organization

Masters Degree Dissertation / UX/UI Designer & Front End Developer

Health Behaviours In School Aged Children (HBSC) was a publication released every 4 years that asked school aged children from different countries and aged 11, 13 & 15 questions about their health behaviours.

We performed contextual inquiries with users; from academics to members of US congress. We then went on to create a proof of concept based on the user behaviour in the previous stage. We took tobacco usage data to show how the data could be visualised using simple web technologies like JavaScript/jQuery & JavaScript data vis library D3, which leverages the ability of SVG. This also provided the proof that research could be published as soon as the data was gathered and analysed.

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