Ashley Hogarth - Digital Designer

Hi, I'm Ash!
I like to create cool stuff for the web

About Me

I'm a Digital Designer & Developer
Design skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, Balsamiq and InDesign
Development skills with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SASS and Bootstrap

I'm also an MSc graduate of the University of St Andrews in Human Computer Interaction with an undergraduate BSc in Computer Science from the University of Swansea.

I've built for domestic clients, international clients, print, digital, desktop and mobile.
Simply put... I love to create cool stuff

Skillset and Interests

HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript and jQuery

Prototyping - for rapid, low-cost, effective feedback

User Interviews and Testing - to ensure a product that the user will engage with

Sketching - as a means for easy drafting of ideas

Typography - how it compliments sleak design and can say more than the words themselves

Data Visualisation - making data tell a story

Responsive Web Design - that turns a website into an experience

Story Boarding - to understand and empathise with the world in which a user operates

Experience Maps - the A to Z of a new technology

Graphic Design - for a web thats easy on the eye

Tools I use: Adobe Suite, Tableau, D3, AngularJS, FlowtypeJS, PrePros (SASS Preprocessor) and Spotify (hey.. it helps)

I also like to play football, badminton and guitar :)

Experience & Projects

-Airas Intersoft, UI Designer to Head of UX
Working as a UI Designer and Developer before becoming Head of UX, for international and domestic clients including HSBC and One Family. November 2014 to present.

-Kits 4 Causes(
An abridged lightweight stakeholder analysis was performed to derive requirements, sketches were made to prototype designs and then full implementation with maintenance to present. I currently maintain the website in my spare time.

-Data Visualisation (/d3.html)
In my Masters dissertation project I worked with a subset of the World Health Organisation - HBSC. In this project we visualised the smoking data published in the HBSC reports with the JavaScript library D3 to create an interactive experience superior to that of the paper report. A full contextual inquiry was performed, sketches, prototypes (myBalsamiq) and final implementation.

-Simplify IT(
Design critique after website launch to improve usability.

-Data Creator
Graphic Design creating adverts and banners, then using Adobe InDesign to create and publish a Golf newspaper

-Ubiquitous Computing
In my third year undergraduate dissertation we developed a Java powered Bluetooth system where lecturer's mobile phones were connected to their office computers. Once the lecturer left or entered their office, a tweet would be broadcast so students would know the office availability of their lecturer.


This is an era of design where aesthetics and function must amalgamate and work seamlessly as a recipe to experience, rather than the previous era of division, driven by fear that one might spoil the other. With that in mind, check out my CV which I have put into different designs to demonstrate how aesthetics can influence semantics


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